Arraial da Imperatriz

Marcelo Camacho

Evening of entertainment and live music with Marcelo Camacho

Arraial da Imperatriz

Leo Alessandri

We once again welcomed Leo Alessandri, an evening to relax and chat to the sound of the best music.


Arraial da Imperatriz

Noite afrolatina

Afrolatin rhythms arrive at Arraial and promise a night full of fun. Join us!

Arraial da Imperatriz

Celebrate friendship with your favourite flavours

It lives up to its name: ideal for hanging out with friends around tables with food and drinks to suit everyone’s taste.

On the renovated and colourful Imperatriz Dona Amélia Street, a concept inspired by the typical Madeiran popular festivals, Arraial da Imperatriz combines modernity and tradition in a wide and welcoming environment, where everyone can taste different cultures. Here, time flows with new sensations.

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