The Gallerias

Make yourself a guest and enter these Gallerias. In the immediate surroundings of Savoy Palace, one of the most iconic hotels in the city, between Avenida do Infante and Imperatriz Dona Amélia street, and four different areas were created, each with a special concept.

Here you can stroll in open squares or in streets that seem part of a film scenario. You won’t be able to resist going into the best stores, discovering unique products for you or your home, tasting the best delicacies, and drinking an exquisite cocktail or a traditional Poncha. The Gallerias offer all this and more.

In the heart of the hotel area of ​​Funchal, one of the city’s noblest areas, this project was created to respond to a growing desire for calm and good taste, harmony and innovation. Here everyone feels at home and, at the same time, feels like a citizen of the world, in an atmosphere where one can breathe freedom, novelty and the new trends of the best-known European capitals.

Visit us! We are ready and happy to welcome you.


Coming from Avenida do Infante, you can start your visit in the Plaza area, a square in the east, flanked by a set of stores with exclusive, specialized and new brands. Delight yourself with everything offered: from housing hints to pieces of advice in interior design or fine arts; you will find unique pieces that will surely leave you amazed.


With a new look, which makes those who pass by daily feel like one is on a catwalk, Imperatriz Dona Amélia street has quickly gained a privileged place in Madeira among those who enjoy social interaction and fun. Located in a prime spot in Funchal, between downtown/Avenida do Mar and the tourist area of ​​Lido, it is provided with several commercial spaces, especially bars and restaurants, capable of satisfying the gastronomic curiosity of the many Madeirans and tourists who choose this road to relax or hang out.

Among those spaces, Arraial da Imperatriz stands out due to what it has to offer. Ideal for those who like to feel cosy but at the same time attractive for those who appreciate open spaces, Arraial combines typical Madeiran products with those found in most parts of the world, whether it’s food or drink.

If you don’t know what you want or wish to discover new regional, national or international flavours, try walking along Imperatriz Dona Amélia street. We bet you will feel all the difference.

Gallerias - Madam Sissi


And suddenly, an avenue appears, a modern location where you can stroll alone or accompanied by others, unveiling the various shops and services, or enjoy the gardens that make this path even more colourful and pleasant. This is the ideal area to “lose yourself” for a longer time, taking care of your appearance at the hairdressers or barbers installed there, giving in to gluttony with the best macarons on the island or keeping fit in a healthy food store. You can also grasp the opportunity to book a tour to other locations on the island because Madeira has a lot to discover.


Although it has this designation, this square, with access from Avenida do Infante, does not choose between residents and visitors. Everyone is welcomed, especially those who like to pamper themselves with high-quality products and services in beauty, cosmetics and well-being speciality stores. There are seven commercial spaces created according to your tastes and desires. If you don’t believe it, try it. Surely you won’t regret it.